Unified Two-dimensional Code Registration Management Center

  Unified Two-dimensional Code Registration Management Center (UTC Global) is a global Non-Governmental Organization that provides the registration ,resolution, authorization and evaluation and other services of two-dimensional code identification for users all over the world. it 's the maintainer and operator of international universal coding system --IDcode System, responsible for the registration and management , application and promotion, establishment of authorization and evaluation system of Two-Dimensional Code-”MA ”code.

  UTC Global continues to promote the global two-dimensional code industry strategic planning and layout, as of January 1, 2019, UTC Global has six national members worldwide: UTC China, UTC Korea, UTC India, UTC Canada, UTC Laos, and UTC Myanmar, 23 regional members and three independent code issuing agencies (agriculture, transportation, medicine and medical equipment), and the service chain network is still expanding.

The purpose of UTC Global is to build and share with a connected two-dimensional code world

  The goal of UTC is to research and develop a scientific two-dimensional identification system, establish an interoperable and shared public service platform for two-dimensional code registration and management, to promote the application and promotion of the unified two-dimensional code identification system- IDcode system, so that the entire industrial development of two-dimensional code will enter the stage of standardization and interoperability, and enable two-dimensional code technology to play an important role in global trade facilitation, industrial value chain reconstruction and the digital economy development.

The main work of UTC Global includes, but not limited to:

  (I) Code Registration and Issuing.
  Provide global users with two-dimensional code registration, issuing and other code services.

  (II) standards-Setting and International Recognition.
  Independently developed and proposed a standard two-dimensional code system -IDcode system, and according to the system to carry out two-dimensional code standard research, development, revision and other related services, and promote the application of two-dimensional code standard system- IDcode system and international mutual recognition in a global scope.

  (III) Authorization & Evaluation Services.
  The two-dimensional Code authorization evaluation system is established to carry out the evaluation services of two-dimensional code identification compliance application, information security, application maturity management and so on.

  (IV) Service System Construction.
  UTC Global is open to new members worldwide, and gradually promotes the construction of two-dimensional code industry service and application promotion system.

  (V) Industrial Eco-System Construction.
  Regularly carry out the evaluation of two-dimensional code industry service organizations and the collection of innovative products activities, actively research and develop innovative application products such as two-dimensional code insurance and two-dimensional code finance, to promote the establishment of two-dimensional code industry bases and two-dimensional code industry funds, and improve the construction of industrial ecosystem.

  (VI) Global Two-dimensional Code Identification Chain Network Construction.
  Using the Global ID Chain Platform based on block-chain technology to promote the construction of the Global Two-dimensional Code Identification Chain Network (GICN), to provide two-dimensional code data chain link up services and data storage and query service for local and surrounding areas, to promote the construction of the global credit system, and promote the healthy and orderly development of the global economy.

  (VII) Education and Training.
  Regularly organize two-dimensional code industrial experts to carry out open exchanges and training, popularize industrial knowledge and skills, promote the popularization of two-dimensional code industrial technology and standards, provide professional training on two-dimensional code technology and application for enterprises and practitioners, and provide talent support for the development of the global two-dimensional code industry.

  (VIII) International Exchange and Cooperation.
  The International Two-dimensional Code Industry Development Summit will be held annually to build an important discussion and dialogue platform for the global two-dimensional code industry, provide a fair opportunity for the promotion and display of new models, new products and new formats, and promote the exchange and cooperation of the two-dimensional code industry between different countries and regions.

  (Ⅸ) Consulting Services.
  To provide governmental agencies, scientific research institutions,enterprises, end users from different countries with two-dimensional code industry planning, project docking, technical consulting and training services.

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