About IDcode

IDcode (Identity code) is a mechanism for unified management of the ID of different objects. It is used to perform two-dimensional code identification on any type of objects (person, thing, item) globally, namely creating the "two-dimensional code ID".IDcode has three core values: Identification, Interconnectivity and Security Protection.Identification : Each object (person, thing, item) is assigned with a globally unique and traceable identification of Two-dimensional code, that is , the Two-dimensional code ID of the “Object”.Interconnectivity: The mechanism of mapping and interconnection between different codes, coding systems and application systems has been developed, and the interconnection between regions, cross-platform, cross-system and cross-code system has been realized.Security Protection: To provide relevant departments with industrial supervision means and traceable basis, to provide enterprises with credibility information security application tools, for end users to provide a secure interactive environment for mobile internet transactions.IDcode resolves coding and code systems of different standards. The coding is structured like a tree and is divided into three parts: user root/object category/customization. The first part is user root, consisting of four nodes. The second part is the identification category of the object, consisting of three nodes. The third part is the user’s customization according to requirements for application, and the number of nodes is customized. The first part and the second part are separated by a "." or "/" symbol, and the second part and the third part are also separated by a "." or "/" symbol. The nodes in each part are separated by the "." symbol.When identifying an object, the identifier is a character string that combines all the nodes from the root of the tree to all of the leaves. Each node is coded in Arabic numerals and English alphabets.For example, the ID code of a certain unit is encoded: MA.156.110101.8/10.10237856.456621/69012A345F678D92, where MA.156.110101.8 represents the user root, 10.10237856.456621 indicates an object category, and 69012A345F678D92 is customized.

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